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Pattaya Jomtien

Jomtien Beach by Day   Jomtien Beach Sunsets

Pattaya Beach is located on the Gulf of Thailand 150 kilometers southeast of the kingdom’s capital city Bangkok. The beach resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today and each year over four million visitors enjoy the uniqueness of the Resort City.

Pattaya Beach was once a small fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand until the Vietnam War. With the war came thousands of American GIs looking for a place to get away from the death and destruction that wars bring and so Pattaya Beach became an official R&R center for the U.S. military forces in Vietnam. The GIs were flown into U-Tapao airport, which was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for their use at the time. Shortly there after hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues grew quickly to meet the demand of this large influx of free spenders and their money.

By the late seventies Pattaya Beach was already a thriving resort community just in time to meet the unforeseen boom of tourism in the mid seventies with the first groups of European tourists that has escalated ever since. In the mid eighties the wealth of the Middle East oil fields brought a new wave of Arab tourists to the resort. The tide of tourists seamed to turn again in the early nineties when the Japanese discovered business in Bangkok and golf in Pattaya Beach. By the mid nineties another tide of tourists washed ashore from Russians and other eastern European countries that were all part of the communist block that didn’t permit their citizens to travel. Now the tide is turning again with an appearance of tourists from China and other Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. This should provide be a thriving tourist industry well into the twenty-first century.

Pattaya Beach is a palm-fringed sandy bay with a pleasant view of tropical islands on the horizon. Along the coast nearby are cliffs and other beaches like Jomtien to the south and Naklua to the north. In all there are nearly fifteen-kilometer of beaches while inland, the area is rich in agricultural products including sugar cane, pineapple, tapioca, fruits, and fast growing trees and bamboo.


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